Improve Gas Mileage With Petromaxx Plus
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Improve Gas Mileage With Petromaxx Plus
The Next Best Thing in Fuel Savings

Use Petromaxx Plus and get 15% to 20% better gas mileage over what you have been getting in the past. Save over $150 on each 16 oz bottle you use.

Fuel economy is the name of the game these days. If you improve gas mileage and achieve it, then you will go a long way with your fuel savings. And thereís more about Petromaxx Plus to appreciate, like a good 20% fuel economy increase for starters, and all the savings and improved performance that come along with it.

How It Works To Improve Gas Mileage

Petromaxx Plus works effectively in hydrocarbon engines that utilize petroleum-based fuels. This means diesel-based vehicles and trucks, motorcycles, RVs, tractors, boats, lawnmowers, and equipment types such as chainsaws, generators, and many more. Not only that, it can also be utilized in BioDiesel, RFG, and even propane.

The best part however is how this impressive fuel additive reduces emissions that are harmful to health and the environment. When introducing Petromaxx Plus into fuel mixtures, combustion at lower temperatures is achieved, which is a good thing since it will result to more complete and efficient fuel burn. And when fuel burns efficiently, what your car engine gets is an increased horsepower and generally reduced emissions. This is as healthy as your driving can get, with you doing your part to help save Mother Nature and the future of our world.Improve gas milage with Petromaxx Plus

Such efficiency also translates to the prevention of carbon deposit buildups within your car engineís combustion chamber. This is important because it aids in the removal of the carbon deposits. The sparkplug will be much cleaner by the way, and will last much longer than expected.  Clean sparkplugs and oil means lesser oil changes and car tune-ups.


Other Petromaxx Plus benefits include:

  • a 20% power boost in diesel engines
  • it displaces water making a mess in the engines
  • saves on future engine repairs by effectively preventing wear and tear
  • reduces the fuelís gelling point up to 15 degrees during winter
  • and many more.

Overall, Petromaxx Plus extends the running life of carís engine, never compromising it in any way.


Petromaxx does more then improve gas mileage.

Another important fact that many folks have learned to appreciate is the added fuel efficiency that the Petromaxx Plus additive brings to the table. This is so since only about 85% of the fuel in the combustion chamber is burned using conventional ways, with all unburnt fuel going out through the exhaust as waste.

Things get better if your engine will be able to burn 98% of the fuel injected into the combustion chamber:

  • increased savings
  • reduced emissions
  • an increased horsepower
  • you name it all

Petromax Plus has proven itself as a product that will improve gas mileage plus many other benefits come along with it.