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My Favorite Motor Club, Here's Why

My wife Robin already has a good home business but she wanted to expand her opportunities by having multiple streams of income. She did not know exactly what she wanted to do but it had to be something fairly easy to do and be profitable. The business also had to be something that we were already purchasing or doing so it would just replace what we had. 

Researching Home Business Opportunities

I started researching many different companies and opportunities that were available. I found there were many companies that fit into the definition of what we were looking for. To eliminate some of the choices that were available we scratched off the list any companies that had weight loss products. My wife already had a very successful home business that had weight loss products as part of their line of products. That product was Plexus Slim from a company called Plexus Worldwide. Plexus also had other products like the Fast Relief System line of products along with probiotics and cleansers. We ruled out all companies that had any products in this area. Health and weight loss products covers a large part of what is available as a business opportunity. This also eliminated any type of conflict of interest that might exist.

Our next step was to non health related companies that fit our requirements for a home business. Here is a list of requirements that we agreed on that would make for a good 2nd home business.

Our Home Business Opportunity List:

1. Easy to do
2. No Inventory Needed
3. Low Price Point
4. Low Monthly Re-order
5. Replace something we already had
6. The business could be done online
7. The business is something that everybody could use
8. It would do well at a trade show

In our searching we came across a company called Motor Club Of America. It was the perfect fit as far as I was concerned. It met all the points in the list above plus it complimented a product in another business we were involved with. That product being a gas catalyst called Petromaxx Plus. Most people using this product in their car or RV gas tank saw an increase of 15% to 20% increase in their gas mileage. I felt that a motor club fit very well with a product that saved you money at the gas pump. Motor Club Of America has policies starting as low as $9.95 going up to their super deluxe motor package of $39.95. This package even gives you an attorney to go to court with you to fight traffic tickets. All I can say is it is better then anything I have ever been offered before.

Se learn more about the Motor Club Of America click the link below and look over the website and learn about the packages offered.

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