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Top Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

Driving your own car absolutely come with a lot of perks. But it could also mean additional expense especially on gas. With the fuel cost at constant increase, it is in your best interest as a motorist to get better gas mileage. And here are some simple ways that can help your cause.

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Go Easy On The Accelerator

The accelerator directly controls the amount of fuel that goes to the engine. When you are accelerating that is when your vehicle becomes least efficient. On the other hand, a light touch on the accelerator equates to most efficient mpg.

The key is to get just the right amount of power to reach your desired speed. Avoid hard and abrupt acceleration. Do not prolong the acceleration either. But doing it slowly is just as bad. Stay light on the accelerator to get better gas mileage.

Do Not Cruise At High Speeds

Cruising may be good when you are on the highway as it helps maintain a constant speed. However, you should also avoid cruising at high speeds because that is another hindrance to getting a better gas mileage. Drive below the speed limit which is about 60 mph for most vehicles.

You may also consider minimizing the use of air conditioning and all the other accessories that are powered by the engine. These things force the engine to work much harder than it will otherwise. If you are driving slowly, it would be smart to roll your windows down. However, if you are driving at high speeds, windows down will work against fuel economy.

Do not accelerate or stop abruptly.

At a cruising speed, it will be smart to go steady and smooth. Go lightly on the accelerator and the brake unless of course it is necessary like when you need to go on an emergency stop. Do not use too much pressure on the pedal.

Know Your Route

Economize fuel consumption by simply planning your trips. Combine your errands and plan the best or most efficient route possible. This is not only gas efficient. Such practice also proves to be time efficient.

Pay attention to maintenance.

Something as simple as ensuring your tires have the right pressure and cleaning the air filter regularly can help you increase fuel economy. With an air filter that is full of dirt and residue, the air that goes into the engine becomes restricted. This means the vehicle will have a much harder time working.

Always refer to your vehicle manual for routine maintenance and tune ups. This can be your way of maintaining the vehicle at its peak performance. This also essentially means increasing fuel efficiency. So, pay attention to these things before taking the car out and while driving to get better gas mileage.

Increase gas mileage

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